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Tangkas Arena

Tangkas Arena’s three-floor design aims to prioritise the practical needs of light industrial factory requirements.
It is conceptualized with well thought out features, purposefully integrated to optimize business operations. These attributes mark Tangkas Arena’s role in trailblazing a new generation of insightful and solution driven developments in 2007.


  • Freehold
  • Limited units
  • Land area ~6,000 sq. feet (typical unit)
  • Built up area ~11,000 sq. feet
  • Free SPA legal fees


  • Personal front yard with security guard house for extra security
  • 2 Tons Energy Saving Goods Lift
  • Power Supply – 220 amps
  • Fiber-optic broadband and WiMAX coverage


  • Two factory levels with high loading floor capacity whilst the 3 rd floor functions as a corporate management office
  • 3 storey 100% column-free
  • Generous ceiling heights for the two factory levels 6 meter/~20feet
  • Power floated finish concrete floors
  • Ability to access the 3 rd floor directly bypassing the working plant on the first 2 levels

Resource Efficiencies

  • Superior thermal insulation materials with Dow® Insulation Housemate* to reduce electricity consumption for a more constant temperature indoors
  • Rainwater catchment tanks to utilize natural untreated water for businesses that heavily utilize water in their operations
  • A Net-Metering system utilizing photovoltaic (PV) cells similar to those used for satellites to convert sunlight into electricity. Introduced by the MBIPV (Malaysia Building Integrated Photovoltaic) programme, this system is promoted by the Malaysian Energy Centre and supported by the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)

Ideal Location

  • Situated in the reputable neighbourhood of Subang Jaya, Tangkas Arena’s 17 units sits comfortably within a “personal” circle in the UEP industrial park – its strategic location makes it easily accessible via various expressways including the ELITE and KESAS. With existing industrial neighbours like Faber Castell, Behn Meyer, Transmark, Follow Me and Proton. Tangkas Arena serves as a new innovative addition to UEP’s established businesses, and the locale is earmarked to prosper in years to come.