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Tangkas Arena - Portfolio

In 2007, Tangkas Properties Sdn Bhd was one of the first developers in the SME light industrial segment to re-imagine the design and architectural approach to support the growing needs of modern Small to Medium Enterprise businesses.

The company’s concept demonstrated an understanding of key real estate success factors and challenges involved. We recognized that in an increasingly fast-paced evolution of computing technologies impacting SMEs, this far-reaching trend alone has required a paradigm shift of all businesses.

Operating as a Small Medium Enterprise (originating from a micro business) for over 20 years, we drew from our own experience.  Learning through errors, expansion challenges, business cycles and exploiting new technologies to enhance our business operations, we were able to establish our future with increasing confidence.

Our total sum of these experiences inspired us to design a premium space of a single integrated premise.  The building flow would be able to support diverse requirements and expansive operations’ flexibility, whilst providing a desirable brand image.

From a construction perspective, we observed that the incorporation of a firm structural design provided for flexibility to adopt innovative solutions that may become available in future years.

The basis of the design assumed that the new SME industrial era will make machines lighter, more compact, more precise, cleaner with higher efficiency levels to compete in a global market. The facility was therefore made more concise from production line to the sales front for better business control. Choosing a well sized goods lift helped to consolidate logistical plans.

There was a distinct reduction of huge glass panels for the building perimeter moving away from the current popular trend. Although a more tedious method to adopt, it provides a solid security feature for operations. Moreover, in industrial application, there may be more structural vibrations that are detrimental to large sheets of glass. Taking more precautions with invisible working kinetics, the 20 year anti-perforation lightweight structural roof truss system was constructed of nuts and bolts systems which allowed for easy maintenance checks and re-conditioning. These are just a few examples of the value added insights captured in a Tangkas product.

Finally, we acknowledged that businesses cannot change the foundations of a building but could renovate to improve logistical flow and aesthetics over time. The design focus was on sound provisions and foundation that could better withstand the test of time.


Moving Towards Sustainability

As part of its core business values, the company believes in business with a vision for a better tomorrow.  In line with the highly anticipated launch (2009) of the Malaysian Green Building Index, environmental resource-friendly features were incorporated such as:

  • Superior roof thermal insulation with Dow® Insulation Housemate™ to reduce electricity consumption, providing for a more constant indoor temperature
  • A Net-Metering system utilizing Photovoltaic (PV) cells similar to those used for satellites to convert sunlight into electricity. Introduced by the MBIPV (Malaysia Building Integrated Photovoltaic) programme, this system was promoted by the Malaysia Energy Centre and supported by the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)
  • A large rainwater catchment tank, 3,000 gallons (~13,600 litres), to utilise natural untreated water
  • A 2 tons Goods Lift that has integrated energy saving features

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