Commercial & Industrial Property Developer
Strategic Locations. Flexibility. Consolidation

Tangkas Properties

Tangkas Properties Sdn Bhd is a boutique property developer, concentrating time and effort in Commercial and Industrial Buildings. Established in 2007, it aims to deliver high quality contemporary building solutions for the modern SME, providing a secure investment for the future.

Strategic Business Locations

Boutique developments providing choice locations for prominence and visibility


Practical solutions to maximise business efficiency


Able to centralise all business and manufacturing operations into a desirable location, with suitable corporate office image

Specialists in Commercial and Industrial Development

Strategic Locations

A good opportunity to position your business for growth and expansion. Because we specialise in boutique commercial and industrial developments, it allows us the ability to choose more prominent and visible strategic locations that will prove to be a solid investment.


Our designs are conceptualised with the practical flow of a business operation in mind. This results in ample flexibility, allowing businesses to maximize work flow efficiency.


Our developments provide a platform for businesses to transition from Small to Medium Enterprises. It offers the opportunity to consolidate all business and manufacturing operations into one location, with a desirable headquarters building image.

Factories / Shops

With 20 units available, these corporate buildings in Juru, Penang are designed for the rapidly evolving SMEs who require an updated premise with full versatility to match their operations’ growth requirements.
Completed and sold out, Tangkas Arena is comprised of 17 cleverly designed light industrial factories conceived to meet the demands of your business’ future in a prime freehold location in USJ, Selangor.
Sold out prior to completion, 3rd Mile Square is a completed shop-office development situated at 3.5 mile, in the upgraded neighbourhood of Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur